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This blog is to share with you some of the highlights of my visits to Hawaii and miscellaneous Hawaiiana. Hawai'i has had a great impact on my life. To see more on why I keep this blog, see: The Impact of Hawai'i in My Life.

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Finding Peace and Meditation in Hawai'i

This is a partial list of places that I have enjoyed peace and meditation in Hawai'i:

Kipuka Puaulu Bird Park Trail, Big Island


Honopu Beach
Having to swim here from Kalalau Beach and finding my self alone for a while, I greatly enjoyed some thoughtful moments on Honopu, regarded as the most beautiful beach in the Pacific.  This was a Mecca of sorts for me, a bucket list item I never thought I'd actually achieve.  What a place to enjoy God's beautiful creations and the wonder of nature. I was in awe.

Kalalau Trail and Beach
I had several moments sitting on the beach enjoying the beauty of the vast, blue pacific, and then turning around and gaping at the tremendous majesty of the Na Pali cliffs. That I had taken a long, arduous hike to get here made such moments all the sweeter. There's really no other place like it.

Kalalau Valley Big Pool:
To soak in a mountain stream and pool near a nice cascade, all by myself, is a favorite thing to do. This is a paradisiacal place, which epitomizes for me the spiritual meaning of water.  I have often marveled about the power and joy that water brings, and here was a great place to soak in such thoughts.

Pihea Vista:
Following a nice hike along the top rim of the Kalalau Valley, 
a great reward comes at the Pihea Vista.  The first time here, I had a deeply spiritual, quiet moment pondering my life and the blessings of seeing and being a part of such beauty.  

Ke’e Beach Sunset:
The beach "at the end of the road" is a great place to close the day and enjoy the beauty of an ocean sunset. Cuddling with my sweetheart made this experience a special life moment.

Moloa'a Bay:
A quiet, serene little bay not overrun with people, Moloa'a gave me the chance to sit in the shade of a tree not far from water's edge and reflect on the beauty of Hawai'i and the beauty of blessings in my life.

Kapa'a Beach Sunrise:
The windward, or east side of the island has many great places to see a beach sunrise.  I had a few awesome mornings watching the sun rise through clouds, close to my room in Kapa'a. Never and nowhere else have I witnessed more beautiful sunrises, which gave a great start to the day.  Had the day ended after that, it would have still been 
completely perfect. 


Hale’iwa Beach Sunset
On the famed North Shore of Oahu, the town of Hale'iwa has a nice beach perfect for viewing a beautiful sunset. Here my sweetheart and I
 enjoyed the view together as canoes paddled by, making a peaceful, beautiful ending to a wonderful day in Paradise.

Ka’a’awa Valley:
Taking a horseback ride into this lovely valley, where parts of "Jurrasic Park" was filmed, allowed me to enter into another world mentally.  Imagination took me further into this valley and into a world of unspoiled tropical island countryside and living. If only...

Kailua Beach:
Great moments of "ahhhh" and peaceful relaxation were granted to me on the soft, white sands of Kailua, one of Oahu's best beaches. Certainly a bit of heaven was touched for me here.

Laie LDS Temple:
Believing this to be holy place of God gave extra meaning to my moments of quietude and heaven-ward thoughts on the grounds of this beautiful structure.

Laie Point:
Pondering the meaning and future of my life occurred on this rocky point on my first visit to the islands. Watching waves hit a rocky shore has always been fascinating to me.


Makahiku Falls:
Part way up the Pipiwai Trail on the way to the Waimoku Falls is in my estimation the best of the falls on the trail.  This tall waterfall has abeautiful setting in the gorge, and has easy access to the top where an infinity pool at the edge allows for some great soaking with a fantastic view.  45 minutes of my life were spent here, all to myself, basking in the beauty and paradise of my situation.

Waioka Black Sand Beach:
Relatively unknown and not easily accessed is this small cove with a paradise setting, near the Waioka (Venus) Pool.  I dreamed that I was a willing and satisfied Robinson Crusoe on this beach, wishing never to have to leave.

Waioka (Venus) Pool:
At the mouth of this cove I found a nice rock to sit on and enjoy the waves on the rocky shoreline. It became a favorite early morning spot to sit, watch the sunrise and contemplate life over a 5 day stay in the Hana area.

Wailua Overlook:
On the road to Hana, this captivating small settlement beckoned to both my sweetheart and I as we viewed it from the highway overlook.  We could imagine the sweet and simple life that might be lived here. Later a ride through the village confirmed its beautiful setting up close.

Big Island

Kipuka Puaulu Bird Park Trail:
On a solo journey through areas of the southern part of the Big Island I found this 1 mile loop trail through the Bird Park.  How enchanting and beautiful!  I decided this was a spot for two to enjoy and thought of how someday I'd love to come back with my sweetheart, who I didn't at that time yet know.  Still have not yet returned...


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