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This blog is to share with you some of the highlights of my visits to Hawaii and miscellaneous Hawaiiana. Hawai'i has had a great impact on my life. To see more on why I keep this blog, see: The Impact of Hawai'i in My Life.

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Hawaiian Wedding Song / Ke Kali Nau lyrics

This is the moment
I' ve waited for.
I can hear my heart singing.
Soon bells will be ringing.

This is the moment
Of sweet Aloha.
I will love you longer than forever.
Promise me that you will leave me never.

Here and now, dear,
All my love I vow dear.
Promise me that you will leave me never.
I will love you longer than forever.

Now that we are one,
Clouds won't hide the sun.
Blue skies of Hawaii smile
On this, our wedding day.
I do love you
With all my heart.

lyrics by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning

Ke Kali Nei Au
Eia au ke kali nei
Aia la i hea ku'u aloha

Eia au ke huli nei
A loa`a `oe e ka ipo
Maha ka `i`ini a ka pu`uwai

Ua sila pa`a `ia me `oe
Ko aloha makamae e ipo
Ka`u ia e lei a`e nei la

Nou no ka `i`ini (nou ka `i`ini)
A nou wale no (wale no)
A o ko aloha ka`u e hi`ipoi mau

Na'u `oe (na'u `oe)
E lei (e lei)
Na'u `oe e lei

A he hali`a kai hiki mai
No ku`u lei onaona
Pulupe i ka ua

Auhea `oe ka `i`ini a loko
Na loko a`e ka mana`o
Hu`e lani ana i ku`u kino

Ku`u pua ku`u lei onaona
A`u i kui a lawa ia nei
Me ke ala pua pikake

A o `oe ku`u pua (`O `oe ku`u pua)
Ku`u pua lei lehua (lehua)

A`u e li`a mau nei ho`opa`a
Ia iho k ealoha

He lei (he lei)
`Oe na`u (`oe na`u)
He lei `oe na`u

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